7 skills

“The mistake that many Japanese who need English for their work make is they think that language ability and communication are the same thing.

They falsely belief that if they improve their language ability, their communication ability will also improve but this is rarely the case and often has the opposite affect.

This is because the better a Japanese person’s English language ability, the higher the expectation is from the non-Japanese side for that Japanese person to communicate and behave in a manner that is associated with English Communication.”

7 Skills and Abilities of Highly Effective Communicators

Through a combination of experience, research and observation we have determined that these are not only the most important skills a Highly Effective English Communicator can have, they are also the skills that most Japanese English speakers don't have or have poor ability in them.

This is why all of our training is based on these 7 skills and abilities. For more information about each one and their importance, please click on the links above.