What We Do

Com-bridge Japan is a Tokyo area English communication training company. Our mission is to empower Japanese who need to use English for their work with the ability to be Highly Effective English Communicators regardless of their language ability. While many Japanese can speak English, very few can effectively communicate in English.

Even though most Japanese English-speakers are aware that they are not very good at  communicating in English and that Japanese and English communication behavior and manner are very different, they remain uncertain about what effective communication behavior and manner in English is. This means most Japanese are unable to communicate effectively in English even if their English language level is very high. While we offer specific training in areas such as Presentation, Meetings and Negotiation, as well as our general Effective English Communication Behavior and Manner Program and Open Seminars, all our training is based on our 7 Skills For Highly Effective Communication in English philosophy.  


The Problem with Business English Schools

There are many Business English Schools in Japan but their methods are all basically the same which is the textbook and CD method as the core of their teaching. This method may work for someone who has never studied English before and has never taken an English class but what about for the average Japanese person who has to use English for their work? 

Being a beginner and not being very good at something are two very different things

One of the things that all Business English Schools do is they call their lower level students "beginners". Many Japanese also call themselves "English beginners". Beginner means someone who begins something for the very first time.  Between junior high and university, the average Japanese business people has taken at least 9 years of English classes. So, how can someone who has taken at least 9 or even 6 years of English classes and study be a beginner? Read more...


Corporate Training and Open Seminars and Intensives

At Com-Bridge Japan we are not only aware that there are communication behavior and manner differences between Japanese and non-Japanese, we know exactly what these difference are, the reasons for them and why most Japanese communicate and behave in a Japanese manner when using English. More importantly, we have the training expertise to remove Japanese-specific manners and behaviors that are ineffective in English Communication and replace them with highly effective ones for English communication using our 7 Skills for Highly Effective English Communication as the basis for all our training programs.

Corporate Training

We can provide regular on-site training to any Tokyo area company or government agency.  As our focus is on Effective Communication Behavior and Manner we highly recommend at least two training sessions per week to make the training as effective as possible. This is because it is easier and more effective to improve Communication Behavior and Manner in a shorter period of time. For example, 16 hours of training in one month is much more effective and beneficial than 16 hours of training over two months.Foe more information about how we can help your company or organization, please feel free to contact us.

Open Seminars

We also hold introductory 2 hour seminars on 7 Skills for Highly Effective English Communication and 7 Skills for an Excellent Presentation on a regular basis that are open for anyone to attend. The price for either of these seminars is ¥4500 per person (10 people Maximum, 4 People minimum). Please check here for the date and location of our next open seminar.